Welcome to the Macedonian Beekeeping and Agroforestry Social Economy and Sustainable Development Project


APISEED mission:

The Association for Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (APISEED) devotes to job creation through ecological management of natural areas.

Economic integration by sustainable development projects is the overall mission of APISEED.

The challenge is major: develop durable programs ensuring professional integration of vulnerable people while addressing environmental stakes.

To achieve it, we believe that projects intended to the sustainable use of natural resources and driven by an added-value search are the surest way to produce social benefits.

From this starting point, APISEED dedicates to set up social entrepreneurship projects aimed at job-creating activities respectful of the ecological system and solidarity economy principles.

This global mission encompasses 3 specific ones:

1/ Provide skills training in local communities: develop added-value in the production and processing of natural substances.

2/ Give rise to territorial ecosystems of solidarity units: integrate low-income groups to supply chains of goods and services provisions for the rural and national markets.

3/ Sustainable management of biodiversity resources: promote new interactions and cooperations for natural heritage preservation and resource usage.

APISEED role :

APISEED federates local partners and experts to complete programs in a large number of fields: beekeeping, extract of plants, ecological farming, forestry, manufacturing process…

APISEED intervenes in the achievement of social entrepreneurship goals at different stages:

Project writing and design: legal expertise, partners search

Scientific and technical cooperation with leading experts.

Fundraising (national and international institutions, private sponsorship).

Project implementation.

APISEED organization:

APISEED has been created in March 2019 by the initiative of “experienced people” willing to act on social and environmental issues.

Decision-making bodies:

APISEED president is Aleksandar Dimitrovski, who joined with Dusan Kirovski and Biljana Filipovska form the Executive body of the organization.