Ecologically sustainable development :


APISEED’s global mission fall under Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.
The cooperation program with ELBA-UNESCO Geopark proposes an action plan to reach many of these goals, including:
 Sustainable use of natural resources,
 Creation of job opportunities,
 Lifelong learning,
 Responsible production and fair employers,
 Consumption of local goods.
APISEED commits to acting to stand up for SDG and defends UNESCO-GEOPARK values. Its projects aim is to provide technical and intellectual solutions that would contribute to SDG achievement.
Cooperations for natural heritage preservation will be particularly sought with the creation and management of protected areas (conservatory apiaries, endemic plants species conservation).
APISEED aspires to fit into a holistic approach at the service of beekeepers, farmers, people without jobs and the population as a whole.